Courier Services

Swift Cargo Logistics brings you worldwide connectivity from our regional hub  in Kenya.  Our experience, globally and locally, has merged perfectly with our resources – human, technical and operational, to provide a seamless and professional service, which we offer to you within a well-structured and cost-effective menu.
We provide a unique combination of on-demand, time-sensitive, door-to-door services within the Kenya and around the world. It is sophisticated global networks offering a variety of services ranging from time definite express, courier, airfreight and logistics to domestic delivery and special services.
We make sure your International documents, parcels and freight are delivered safely and on-time using our integrated air and road networks.

Our Services
International Services
Domestic Services
Express Service

We provide a global solution for moving time-sensitive documents and parcels around the world, door-to-door, within committed transit times that meet your needs and expectations. Our International Express service is available every day of the week to customers worldwide together with the ability to track shipments at anytime of the day through the advanced online tracking system.
World wide Express
The extensive Courier network, short transit times and competitive shipping rates ensure door-to-door delivery of urgent documents to any destination in the world.
Worldwide Parcel Express
The most valuable objects are specially packaged and handled by SCL taking it fast through customs to make sure it gets there on time.
Domestic Service
SCL Domestic Express offers a cost-effective solution for express delivery of time-critical shipments within a country or city. Whether it is an important document, a fragile item, a temperature-controlled package or any other item requiring special care, SCL  Couriers picks it up and delivers it, in its pristine condition.
Same-Day Domestic Service
Companies or individuals who wish to send a package and have it delivered the same day find this service to be perfect in the Kenya. SCL Couriers guarantees the shipment is delivered the same day in the Kenya.
Domestic Document Return
If you have a busy schedule, we offer you this convenient service in which  we pick up that important document that needs to be signed, deliver it to the addressee and then return it without delay.
Domestic Distribution Services
SCL handles the distribution of your monthly invoices, marketing and promotional materials such as brochures, corporate and private invitations or any other mass distribution items. Depending on the number of items and the timeline, we quote a special price and set a delivery schedule that is convenient for you.
Mail Service
If your company has a large number of correspondence between its many branches, SCL becomes your mail man by handling all incoming and outgoing mail between the headquarter and the branches on a regular basis or as specified by you.


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